CMAP (COVID-19 Member Assistance Program)

COVID-19 Member Assistance Program (CMAP)

If you are experiencing a work stoppage and you have a Mortgage or a Loan at KCCU, we may be able to help...

Your financial well-being is important to us.  Your credit union understands that at times like these, we all have concerns about work interruptions and how they can affect our ability to pay our bills and financial commitments such as loan and mortgage payments. If you are directly impacted by COVID-19 and are facing financial challenges or need advice about your financial situation our team will work with you to find solutions to meet your needs. 

Kingston Community Credit Union is doing everything we can to support our members through these difficult and uncertain times.  We are implementing actions to protect you and make sure your banking needs are taken care of just as we always do.  Our team is here to help.

Members experiencing work interruptions or layoffs can count on KCCU for support under the COVID-19 Member Assistance Program (CMAP) which offers the following assistance to our members:


Immediate extensions will be offered to members who currently have personal or business mortgages, loans or lines of credit that require their payments to be deferred so that these funds can be directed to other personal areas at this time.  Payment extensions will be offered for up to 90 days, with terms up to 180 days if required thereafter. 

How it works:

Affected members may request to MAKE NO PAYMENTS/DEFER PAYMENTS for up to six months. KCCU simply adds the interest portion of their payment back onto their loan/mortgage principal monthly up to 180 days. You will be required to sign or send a signed copy of the amendment agreement/deferral back to KCCU as soon as possible (max. within 30 days). Members may pay interest only or additional amounts if they prefer. Your Account Manager will explain the details and options available to you. They will forward you an extension by email, ask you to print it out, sign it, take a photo and send it back as an email attachment or return it by regular mail. For other methods of communication that permit social distancing please make a specific request. KCCU will accommodate any reasonable measures that prove that you have legally agreed to the extension. 

We are also waiving loan administration fees for this service.  

Please contact your Account Manager by telephone or the credit union via email to discuss your options.


Emergency lines of credit of up to $5,000 will be made available to qualifying members including those who are not current borrowers.  These emergency funds can be made available to you via your chequing account so you have quick and easy access to the funds.

KCCU will be waiving loan administration fees for this service. 

To qualify:

Members must: 

1. Be a KCCU member in good standing as of March 1, 2020

2. Grant permission for KCCU to conduct a credit bureau report

3. Maintain a FICO (Equifax beacon) score of over 500

4. Be employed for one year prior to March 1, 2020 and provide confirmation of employment.

5. Confirm existing or provide current valid government ID 

How it works:

You can start your application online or contact us by phone.  Once we have collected your information and completed what we need to, you will be contacted by one of our Account Managers who will explain the next steps.

Please contact your branch or account manager by telephone or the credit union via email to discuss your options.