Coop Leadership Scholarships

KCCU Scholarship for future Co-operative Leaders

As part of the Co-operative Movement, KCCU supports promoting the co-operative business model in the education system to encourage youth, the future leaders in the credit union system.

Since 1989, KCCU has been offering this scholarship to deserving young co-operators. KCCU itself is a past winner of the prestigious provincial Nova award for Youth Involvement from the Credit Union system.

KCCU encourages and assists young persons who exhibit qualities of leadership by example with this scholarship – It is given to the student at each local high school who is the kind of person who uses co-operation as a way to bring people together to accomplish a common goal.  KCCU has won awards for promoting youth involvement, education in the local community and co-operation.  The winners of these scholarships are individuals who may become the co-operative business model’s leaders of tomorrow.

Many awards are given for high marks, but regular students who do extraordinary things are the ones who most need our praise and encouragement. They are the ones we anticipate will be the recipients of this award.

The KCCU “Leadership Through Co-operation” Scholarship is given to the student at each of the local high schools as well as St. Lawrence College, who in the eyes of his or her school selflessly promoted the good of the group, over themselves thereby setting an example of the virtues and benefits of co-operating to achieve a common goal. Over the past twenty-six years, some 380 of these silent heroes have received the scholarship, often getting little or no recognition but having made a significant positive influence on their peers.

Congratulations to this year’s winners, in addition to receiving a $250 scholarship, each of these student’s names has been proudly displayed on the Award Plaque with the emblem of their school and KCCU and past winners at their school for years to come.


Bayridge Secondary School                                       Theo Brown

École Marie Rivier                                                       Nicholas Leeman

École Secondaire Publique Mille-Iles                        Jordy Running

Ernestown Secondary School                                    Gregory Hillary

Frontenac Secondary School                                     Kyra Johnston

Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School                     Kaitlynn Sager

KCVI                                                                                Erica Park

LaSalle Secondary School                                           Abby Serruya

LCVI                                                                                 Dylan Daya

Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic High School          Joseph Nuvoloni

Rideau District High School                                         Eve Ewart

St. Lawrence College                                                    Jesse Sibanda

Sydenham Secondary School                                     MacKenzie O’Sullivan