Debit Card Replacement

Great News!

Between now and the end of July 2018 all members will be receiving a replacement "tap-enabled" debit card by mail. Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) will not change. We are excited to unveil the new design with a photograph of City Hall taken by Staff member Jason Field who also has provided local high-quality photos for our website. We will soon have replacement cards in the branches should you misplace your card. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call your local branch.



What do I do when I get my card in the mail?
Open it. Use it. Destroy your old one.

When will I receive my new card? When do the old cards expire?
You should receive your new card in April, May or June.

New cards will be sent in groups so not all cards will be received at the same time, even if you have multiple accounts or more than one person at your address that has a debit card.

Will I have to change my PIN when I receive my new debit card?
No, the PIN on your new card will be the same as the PIN on your current card. If you’ve changed your current PIN in the last couple months your new card may not reflect the change and you’ll need to come into a branch to re-PIN it.

How does Flash (tap) work?
Flash offers a fast, convenient way to pay by not having to enter your PIN for smaller purchases. Low transaction and daily limits offer added fraud protection. For additional security, you will need to make a transaction by inserting the CHIP before the Flash (tap) function works.

Why are we changing debit card providers?
The decision to change debit card providers was made by the entire Canadian Credit Union system to no longer partner with a vendor that’s owned by one of our competitors.

What happens with my existing card? Can I still use it after I receive the replacement?
Once you receive the new card and use it for the first time, please destroy the existing card. ALL existing cards will not work after July of this year due to the change in providers. Please start using your new member card right away once you receive it.

I haven't received my new Member Card yet. Should I be worried?
Not necessarily. As the new cards are being sent out in batches, your card may be included in one of the later batches being sent out before July 2018.

Is there anything I should do before I receive my new card?
Please just make sure your mailing address is up to date with us so that your new card will be delivered to you. That's it. As the PIN from your existing card will be the same on the new card, there is nothing else you need to do but start using it..

What are my daily debit card limits?
They are unchanged. The default is $200 on tap (flash), $500 for cash withdrawals using an ATM and $1,000 for point of sale transactions.