MEMBER CARD debit card with Interac® Flash

Interac Flash is a secure and convenient payment feature that allows you to pay with your MEMBER CARD debit card by simply holding your card over the contactless card reader when completing your purchase. Moving forward, all new cards issued will have the Interac Flash feature. Your card will be replaced prior to the maturity on your existing card. You will receive the new card in the mail at that time.

To determine if your Member Card has Interac Flash, look for the Flash symbol (see symbol below) on the front of the card, in the top right corner. If it has it, you have an Interac Flash card.


Interac Flash uses secure chip processing and does not rely on the magnetic stripe on your Member Card. Interac Flash provides you with all the security benefits associated with Interac Debit, including protection against skimming, counterfeiting, and electronic pickpocketing.

  • It uses the latest technology
  • Increased security to protect every transaction
  • The Interac Zero Liability Policy protects you from unauthorized transaction
  • Spending limits provide an added layer of protections.


Activating your card

Activating your new flash card is easy. When you receive it, use it like your old card for the first time. Insert the card or swipe it through the point of sale machine at the cash register or use it in an ATM, and enter your PIN. Once this is done, Interac Flash is activated.


How to pay using Interac Flash

While at any terminal that accepts Interac Flash, simply follow these steps:

  1. Look for the Interac Flash symbol on the card reader at the checkout. If you are unsure, just ask the business if they accept Interac Flash.
  2. When prompted, hold your card no more than 4 cm in front of the terminal
  3. When you hear a beep and/or see the “approved” message appear on the terminal, your payment is complete. If you see a “declined” message, you may need to insert your card and enter your pin.
  4. The purchase amount will be deducted automatically from your KCCU account.


Interac Flash Spending Limits

For security purposes, your KCCU Interac Flash MEMBER CARD is set with spending limits.

  • A single transaction can’t exceed $250
  • There is a $400 cumulative spending limit. 

When you reach one of these limits, you’ll be prompted to insert your debit card and enter your PIN. This is an added layer of protection that confirms you are the legitimate cardholder. Insert your card, enter your PIN and your Interac Flash limits are reset.


*Standard MEMBERCARD Debit card limits are still applicable when you use your PIN to make a purchase.


FAQ about Interac Flash


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