Reporting Fraud

Reporting Fraud

Help prevent others from becoming victims of fraud. Contact any of the agencies listed here to find out more or to report fraud:

Any Branch of KCCU: Call your branch to report fraud or inquire about who to report occurences to. Also be sure to pick up one of our pamphlets on the subject such as "Security Tips (Protect your Money)", "Member Scam Protection" and "What you Need to know to protect your Customer's Identity".

Phonebusters: 1-888-495-8501. A national call centre which is operated by and collects complaints and forwards them to law enforcement agencies. For further information .

The Better Business Bureau:  Use this tool to search for reputable businesses and/or to lodge a complaint. The BBB  sets standards for marketplace behaviour and identifies businesses who have had reported instances of sub-standard behaviour. For further information check 

Competition Bureau: 1-800-348-5358. Where to get fraud prevention information.  also see

Police: Call your local city police (in Kingston 613-549-4660, ask for the fraud division) and report the occurence. In rural areas the nearest OPP detachment should be contacted.

RCMP:  Go to the RCMP website to check on the latest consumer scams and how to protect yourself from them.

RECOL: Report Economic Crime On-Line is a mechanism which allows you to report crimes on-line. Your complaint is forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement, regulatory or investigative agency. It also provides education to increase awareness and assist in prevention of economic crime.