Round Up Feature

What is the "Round Up" feature?

Its a simple and systematic way of building up some savings without feeling the pinch. The Round up feature is available on all savings accounts to take the portion of all of your MemberCard debit card purchases and round them up to the nearest dollar and put it automatically in your account of choice

How do I arrange to get "Round Up"?

Simply come in to the branch or call your local branch and ask for details and we'll guide you through the process. It's that easy!

What are my options?

1. Standard Round Up: I buy a coffee at Starbucks for $4.50 and 0.50 goes to my savings account.
2. Amount: ($) - add a specific amount to a transaction and transfer it to my savings account (for example $1 per transcation)
3. Percent (%) - add a percentage of each transaction to my savings account (for example 10% of each transaction))

Do I have to do anything after it's set up?

Watch the money accumluate and when it reaches a point where you want to invest it, give one of our investment advisors a call and we'll help you put your money to work with one of our many investment options