Business Accounts - What is required

In addition to the Personal Information Required and the Member Share Requirement,

you may be required to provide the following:

If you are a sole proprietor:

  • Current Business Registration (Master Business License)
  • Sole proprietor must be a member of KCCU

If you are a partnership:

  • Partnership Agreement / Articles of Partnership / Partnership Certificate
  • Business trade name registration or Master Business License
  • Documentation showing ownership structure and percentage ownership

If you are a corporation:

  • Articles of Incorporation / Letters Patent*
  • any relevant, subsequent amendments
  • Business Trade name Registration (if applicable)
  • Most recent filing with your incorporating jurisdiction, listing your directors
  • By-Laws, constitution and any applicable Board and membership  resolutions*
  • Notarized meeting minutes indicating decision to open/change account
  • Document showing ownership structure / percentage ownership
  • Current Certificate of Officers and Directors
  • Charitable Registration Number (not for profit)

*certified true copies required please.

If you are a Not-For-Profit, A Team or a Club/Lodge (Unincorporated Associations) you will need:

  • Charitable Registration Number (Not-for-Profit)
  • Memorandum of Association or Constitution
  • ByLaws and Board and Membership Resolutions (if applicable)
  • Current Certificate of Officers and Directors
  • Notarized meeting minutes indicating decision to open/change account
  • Names of KCCU sponsoring members (in good standing)
  • Document showing ownership structure of group
  • Document outlining beneficial ownership structure
  • If no one owns >25%, a document explaining why there are no beneficial owners

In addition:

If you are an Association/Community Group/Not-for-Profit - Unincorporated,  you will also require:

  • Charitable Registration Number (Not-for-Profit)

If you are an Organized Sports Team, you will also require:

  • Letter from league executives on letterhead confirming the existence of the league, name of team, coaching staff and a list of the team league executives.

If you are a Club or a Lodge, you will also require:

  • Letter from head office (on letterhead), confirming the existence of club/lodge and granting authority to open account, use the name and the intended purpose of the account. Letter should identify signing authorities, officers and directors (By-laws to confirm).