Direct Deposit

Set up Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a reliable and convenient way to ensure you won't have to wait for a cheque in the mail. You also avoid having to make a deposit at the ATM or a trip to the branch to cash it.

If you have deposits you want automatically deposited to your KCCU account please give your local branch a call and we'll walk you through the process or click here to access the direct deposit form and print it at home.

If it's through your employer, you will need to contact your payroll department. They will advise you on what account information and/or forms they require. Your KCCU representative will help you provide the necessary information quickly and conveniently.

EXCEPTION: KGH employees may contact any of our branches including our ON-SITE office (Room 22-1-312, Davies 1) and we will set up your payroll deduction for you!

Here are some handy information links:

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