Climate Action Initiatives

KCCU continues to partner with the City of Kingston to support local Climate Action Initiatives via the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund 

Looking for a way to take real, local, and measurable climate action? Donate to the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund (KCCAF) and support reducing community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Kingston Community Climate Action Fund was developed to support local charities and not-for-profit organizations, and their initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) and/or air emissions; increase energy conservation or efficiency; reduce or divert organic waste; or assist with Climate Change adaptation and technology innovation reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Gifts of $20 and more made at a Kingston Community Credit Union will be eligible to receive a tax receipt, issued by the City of Kingston. Donations are being accepted at all KCCU branches and we have committed to match donations made at our branches up to $5,000. Donations can also be made online through CanadaHelps.

Fundraising to support the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund projects will run from December 2021 through March 2022 with funds will be disbursed to the various projects in the spring.



Year 3 - 2022/2023 Local Climate Action Initiatives!

We are pleased to once again join the City of Kingston to support the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund!

The projects and fundraising efforts were officially kicked off December 1, 2022 with the following three projects for 2022/2023:                                       

Projects that need your support: 

Frontenac Club Day Care Integration Programme - Fundraising goal: $59,510 
Frontenac Club Day Care is seeking your support for building retrofits that will create 20 new licensed daycare spaces in Kingston and a new wheelchair-accessible preschool and infant rooms. These building retrofits include the installation of two new heat pump systems in both the coach house and infant house well as spray foam insulation, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). 

Ongwanada - Fundraising goal: $19,600 
Ongwanada is seeking your support to purchase an electric wheelchair transport bike that can be used to take the residents of Ongwanada on outdoor excursions in Kingston to help maintain their mental and physical health. The electric bike will provide the necessary support residents need while enjoying the outdoors and staying active. These bikes would reduce Ongwanada’s contribution to GHGs by taking residents out for excursions in an electric-powered bike instead of a fossil fuel-burning van. 

Sustainable Kingston - Fundraising goal: $33,198    
Sustainable Kingston is seeking your support for the purchase of an electric vehicle that will replace gas-powered vehicle use. This electric vehicle will be used by the Residential Energy Auditors when they perform home energy audits across Kingston, directly reducing GHGs and promoting energy conservation.  


Year 2 - 2021/2022 Local Climate Action Initiatives!

We were pleased to join the City of Kingston to support the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund!

The projects and fundraising were officially kicked off in December 2021 with the following three projects for 2021/2022:

Sustainable Kingston – Rain Gardens

In partnership with The Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation, Sustainable Kingston was seeking support to launch its Rain Garden Project. If successful, rain gardens will be added at four affordable housing sites. Over their life cycle, rain gardens produce 30 to 90 percent fewer GHG emissions than conventional stormwater management alternatives. They do this by diverting stormwater from source water (Lake Ontario) that then needs to be processed at a water treatment plant, and by diverting stormwater from combined sewers that lead to wastewater treatment plants.  Fundraising goal: $20,000

Cycle Kingston – Valet Bicycle Parking

Cycle Kingston was seeking support for Bicycle Valet Kingston, which provides valet bicycle parking to residents who cycle to events. By providing safe and secure destination bicycle parking at events and festivals – and increasing awareness of bicycle parking– Cycle Kingston encourages and empowers more people to leave their cars at home and pedal to their destination. Fundraising goal: $15,250

Extend-A-Family Kingston – Dunya Hydroponic Greenhouse

Extend-A-Family Kingston was asking the community for its help to build a climate-controlled hydroponic greenhouse to provide fruits, herbs, and vegetables to approximately 500 individuals (120 families) year-round. By growing produce locally year-round, this project lowers carbon emissions associated with food transportation while enhancing local food security.   Fundraising goal: $36,000

For more details of each of the projects:



Year 1- 2020/2021 Local Climate Action Initiatives!

In 2021, the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund raised funds in support of Martha’s Table and Habitat for Humanity Kingston Limestone Region. KCCU contributed $5,000 as a donation match for donations made to the fund through our local branches. 

Above: Year 1 Kick off for the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund (December 2020).  Above: KCCU CEO, Jon Dessau presents $5,000 donation to City of Kingston Mayor, Bryan Paterson (March 2021)   


Congratulations to Martha’s Table on their new electric vehicle!                                      

“Thanks to the Climate Action Fund, we were able to purchase an electric vehicle. We hope that while we’re out on the roads, we will inspire other people to look for green options,” Ronda Candy, executive director of Martha’s Table, said.


The Kingston Community Climate Action Fund, supported by donations from the community and contributions from the city and KCCU, raised more than $42,000 in 2020 which partially supported Martha’s Table purchase of a $45,000 electric vehicle and a $26,000 project to install four air source heat pumps for a Habitat for Humanity Kingston housing project on Rose Abbey Drive. 


Congratulations to Habitat for Humanity!  The Kingston Community Climate Action Fund, supported donations to help support the purchase of air source heat-pumps to install in new homes being built on Rose Abbey Drive. “Not only will these pumps help the home’s eventual owners by reducing energy costs, but it will also shrink the environmental footprint of these new builds,” says Cathy Borowec, Executive Director of the local Habitat for Humanity.




KCCU is committed to supporting our local charity’s and not-for-profit’s climate action efforts by continuing to participate in the fund again in 2022.  It is our pleasure to contribute to our community’s goal of becoming a carbon neutral city no later than 2040.  For more information on the Kingston Community Climate Action Fund or to Donate online:2021 Kingston Community Climate Action Fund projects announced! - City of Kingston 


Thinking about your own green home project or vehicle?  We can help.