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The Board of Directors of Kingston Community Credit Union currently consists of seven independent directors who are ultimately responsible for the stewardship of the credit union and oversight of its risks and financial performance.

Note:  A Director’s term expires at the KCCU Annual General Meeting held in the year of their expiry.  Subject to by-laws, the AGM is held no later than 120 days after the fiscal year-end of the credit union (December 31).  

Should any member be interested in learning more about upcoming opportunities to serve on the KCCU Board of Directors, please contact the Board Chair or the CEO.

As of March 26, 2024, the Directors of Kingston Community Credit Union are:

Robert Trentadue, Board Chair

Bob has extensive experience with credit unions starting in the early eighties with the Teamsters Credit Union, Hotel Dieu Credit Union and KCCU where he has been Chair many terms and has helped guide KCCU’s direction through many legislative changes and many economic challenges to our current position of financial strength.

Bob has been a credit union member for over 45 years. Winner of the prestigious Gary Gillam Award for Social Responsibility in 2010, Bob is a person who believes strongly in social justice and helping the community. In 2012 he received a Director’s long service award from the Director’s Forum.

Bob has been instrumental in many significant community initiatives and donations as well as sitting as Chair of Town Homes Kingston (Kingston Non-Profit Housing) and a member of their Board for 15 years. He has donated his time to other causes such as youth sports for over 20 years. He understands the needs of the credit union members. He always considers the impact of changes in the direction of KCCU on members and serves with member individual and collective benefit at the forefront of his actions. Bob is retired from Purolator, a subsidiary of Canada Post.

Bob is actively involved in the Eastern Ontario Credit Union Alliance and the Association of Small Credit Unions. Bob has been recognized by the Credit Union Director’s Association as having achieved all required courses and has attended the most recent Central 1 Director’s Forum and Annual General Meeting.

In addition to his community service and awards, Bob was also recognized by KCCU and the Credit Union Director’s Organization for over thirty years of service to the credit union system and KCCU.

Director term expires following completion of 2025 AGM (held in 2026)

Committees: Board Chair, Audit Committee

Brent Bellamy, Board Vice-Chair

Brent comes to our board with over 30 years of progressive, relevant management experience with 20 of those years as the General Manager of a local student housing cooperative. His roles as Administrator of a retirement home, the Director of Finance for the Kingston Regional Cancer Centre as well as his participation on numerous boards and committees such as the Ontario Student Housing Co-operative, Alzheimer Kingston, Canadian Co-op Association, National Committee on Sustainability, Ontario brings much experience to our board table.

Brent has strong communication skills along with valued experience in determining the optimum use of resources. His many years in the co-op sector and strong management skills will help to expand our membership and the value our organization provides to our community.

Brent continue to utilize his strong skills and cooperative attitude with our organization and our investment in social, cultural, financial, and environmental sustainability.

Director term expires following completion of 2025 AGM (held in 2026)

Committees: Board Vice-Chair, Audit Committee

Lisa Dirocco, Director

Lisa has a strong background in personal service excellence and a strong belief in the co-operative system. She views her responsibilities as representing the benefit of the credit union members, staff, and the community. Based in the Kingston area, Lisa has a longstanding involvement with KCCU both as a member and as someone who has done business with KCCU in her capacity as a Senior Sales Associate with one of Canada’s oldest and most highly regarded retailers.

Lisa has a willingness to embrace new ideas and ways of doing things. She brings those attributes with her to every Board meeting, contributing and learning how she can best protect the interest of members while paying attention to the impact of the financial changes that occur in the course of the business at KCCU.

Throughout her business career, Lisa has steadfastly demonstrated loyalty, excellence, and commitment. She is a team player and a strong contributor at every Board and Audit Committee Meeting. Lisa strongly believes in ongoing education and keeping abreast of economic and social trends that affect members of the credit union and the community.

Director term expires following completion of 2024 AGM (held in 2025)

Committees: Audit Committee

Stephen Bach, Director

Stephen is an entrepreneur with extensive business and corporate experience. He has owned and operated numerous businesses, has significant knowledge in employee relations, is very familiar with financial statements and budgets, and has a keen awareness of market trends.

Stephen believes strongly in local entrepreneurship and community engagement. He has served on management boards in schools, churches, and municipalities. Stephen is keenly aware of the needs of others around him and seeks to make life better for them. He works hard and uses his resources, when possible, to improve the community in which he lives.

Steve has served a term on the South Frontenac Police Services Board, is the Chair of the Session of Perth Road United Church, where he also sings in their choir. He is on the Board of the Perth Road Sunday School Hall Community Centre, an active volunteer of the Tuesday lunch program and a member of the South Frontenac Seniors Housing Committee.

Stephen believes strongly in the values and principles of the credit union and will bring considerable experience to our board table.

Director term expires following completion of 2024 AGM (held in 2025)

Committees: Governance Committee

Josephine Matyas, Director

Josephine’s co-op experience stretches right back to her time as a student at the University of Waterloo, where she lived in co-op housing and served for several years on the board. Since then, she has served on boards for Big Sisters, the Cataraqui Canoe Club, school parent committees, and the Travel Media Association of Canada.

Josephine has been a member of KCCU for 30+ years and has recruited numerous new members because she is committed to the values and ethics our credit union represents and practices and is proud to be part of an organization that is so community focused. Since joining the board in 2022, she has committed herself to learning the complex requirements to fully participate in KCCU Board deliberations.

She brings to the table her experiences as a parent, as a former small business owner, and as a self-employed professional writer. She has been involved as a volunteer locally, including the past four years as a foster parent to service dogs in-training with Kingston 4Paws Service Dogs and been involved in fundraising for the NICU at the local hospital, a program that is near and dear to her heart..

Over the past two years, she has completed KCCU New Director training courses, attended conferences, and gained an expanded skill set, from finances to risk management to promoting the values and principles of co-operation that we all hold dear.

Director term expires following completion of 2026 AGM (held in 2027)

Committees: Governance Committee

Jordan Beattie, Director

Jordan has been a member of KCCU for nearly three decades and also served as an employee from 2000-2009. The knowledge and skills he gained while at the KCCU have been complemented by his experience as a Volunteer Firefighter and tenure at Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC) where he currently serves as the Director of Regional Services and Partnerships. His ongoing professional experience as a Director for Kingston Community Health Centres has increased his ability to understand and address the diverse needs of our community.

Jordan brings significant leadership experience and a passion for community development along with a background in technology, data, and risk management. With values aligned with the cooperative principles that guide KCCU, Jordan is dedicated to ensuring its continued success in serving our community.

Jordan is committed to representing the interests of all members and working collaboratively to uphold the cooperative values that define our organization. He is passionate about enhancing member experiences, promoting financial wellbeing, and fostering a strong sense of belonging within our credit union.

Director term expires following completion of 2026 AGM (held in 2027)

Committees: Governance Committee

Dan Hendry, Director

Dan has been a member of the KCCU since 2011. He is a passionate advocate for sustainability and community engagement, with over fifteen years of senior professional experience in environmental program management, financial oversight, and strategic leadership. His journey began with a master’s in strategic leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, and a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management from Royal Roads University, Canada.

His career is highlighted by innovative projects such as the national “Get on the Bus” movement, a testament to my commitment to sustainable solutions and youth engagement. This initiative showcases his ability to secure significant funding, engage communities, and spearhead policies for a greener future. Dan’s role as a Sustainable Initiatives Coordinator with the Limestone District School Board allowed him to transform Kingston Transit’s engagement with young riders, significantly increasing high school ridership and promoting environmental stewardship.

Volunteering has always been a cornerstone of Dan’s life, from producing award-winning sustainability segments on YourTV Kingston to providing disaster management support with the Canadian Red Cross, these experiences have honed his skills in public speaking, stakeholder engagement, and crisis management.

Dan is eager to bring his robust skill set, including strategic planning, community engagement, and a proven track record of innovative project leadership, to the Board. As a board member, Dan is deeply passionate and committed to working collaboratively to navigate the challenges ahead, drawing on his extensive background in sustainability and community engagement.

Director term expires following completion of 2026 AGM (held in 2027)

Committees: Governance Committee

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Kingston Community Credit Union is an opportunity for members to connect and learn more about their credit union.

The AGM is held for the purpose of reviewing the past year’s performance and accomplishments as well as addressing specific areas of the business of the credit union, such as approving financial statements, appointing external auditors, approving Special Resolutions or By-law changes (as applicable), and filling board vacancies. The AGM is an opportunity to hear reports from our Board and CEO and to learn first-hand how we support the financial well-being of our members and our community.

Our 2023 Annual General Meeting took place in person on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at the Donald Gordon Hotel & Conference Centre, 421 Union Street. Reports and related documents presented at the AGM can be found below.

2023 AGM Documents:

Should you require further information or assistance, please contact our Corporate Secretary, Mary Lowdon at or 613-384-5555. 

Previous Reports:

David Bull and Founding Member Edward Brash

Interested in Serving on KCCU's Board of Directors?

As a Member of Kingston Community Credit Union, you have the opportunity to support our continued success by nominating and electing members you feel will best represent you as your Board of Directors. You may also be interested in serving your credit union and your community by joining our Board of Directors.

Being a Board Member provides you with the opportunity to utilize your skills, enhance and broaden your abilities, grow as a person and a leader, and set the future direction of your credit union.

Each year, we extend an invitation to our members who are passionate about making a positive impact to submit their names for election to our Board of Directors.


Directors share their personal experiences as KCCU Board members.

Nominations for Candidates for the 2024 Board of Directors are now closed.

If you wish to learn more about serving on the Board of Directors or have questions about the candidate application process contact our CEO, Jon Dessau by email or  phone at 613-384-5555.

Each year, the Board of Directors appoints a Nominating Committee who is responsible for ensuring the integrity and quality of the Director nomination and election process and for ensuring that candidates are well informed about the process. The Committee is also responsible to recommend those candidates who are best qualified to serve as a director on our high performing Board to the Membership.

For details regarding responsibilities and general information about being a Board Candidate, please refer to the following documents:

For details regarding responsibilities and general information for members of the Board of Directors, please refer to the following documents:

Nominations are currently closed. If you are interested in serving on our board in the future, please contact us.

KCCU is a democratically operated financial cooperative. The members have an elected Board of Directors who serve on their behalf and direct the Mission Statement and the Operating Objectives of the credit union to be conducted through the CEO and management. Balanced with the financial, social, and ethical responsibilities, the Board and its committees monitor efficient utilization of resources and adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements. Your Board ensures our mandate and values are reflected in our operating activities.

A third party is an individual or entity, other than the account holder or those authorized to give instructions about the account, who directs what happens with the account. For example, if an account were opened in one individual’s name for deposits that are directed by someone else, the other person or entity would be a third party.

  • A secondary piece of identification from the primary list above
  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Credit Card bearing the name and signature of the individual which has issued by a well-known and reputable Canadian financial institution
  • A CNIB (Canadian Institute for the Blind) client card bearing the individual’s photo and signature
  • Provincial Outdoors Card
  • Canadian University or College Student Card with photo (for student identification only)
  • An employee identification card (with photo) issued by an employer that is well known in the community (i.e. KGH, DND, Queens University, Corrections Canada, etc.)
  • Foreign passport
  • Canadian Passport
  • Permanent resident card
  • Citizenship card (issued prior to 2012)
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada
  • Driver’s licenses issued by province or territory
  • The DND (Department of National Defense) 404 driver’s license
  • Nexus Card issued by Canada Border Services Agency
  • Provincial Service Cards
  • Provincial or territorial identity cards (i.e. Ontario Photo Identification Card)
  • Foreign Passport (only if it is equivalent to a Canadian issued photo identification document)