The Benefits of Membership

Bank Local

KCCU is the only truly local financial institution in the greater Kingston area. Our employees, our sources of deposits, our loans and mortgages, our profits, our donations are all put to work growing the local economy. In many cases, managers and employees of KCCU have deeper skill sets than the competition. They have to, they do functions that include head office functions unknown to branch employees at other financial institutions. When you want real expertise KCCU is the best-kept secret in town. Our average employee and director tenure are long and our staff, directors, and members understand the aspects of banking that are often done in large cities for banks. We understand the local business, local employment, local housing values, local traditions, and community organizations. Experience and expertise matter.


KCCU shares its profits with its members. Each year, members have been paid above average dividends (6% in 2024) on their member shares, a service charge rebate (5% in 2024) and access to service-charge free accounts for all ages. KCCU is the only remaining purely local credit union. It has grown since being founded in 1957. KCCU has become a strong and resilient member-focused organization, well regarded in the credit union system and the community . It owns land and buildings at 18 Market Street and the plaza at 795 Gardiners Road to ensure it controls its own destiny. It also has a branch leased in the north end in the Kingslake Plaza (Near the 401 and Division St. off Benson Dr.) for nearly two decades. KCCU is the only financial institution represented in that area of Kingston and we also serve all of the community to the west just past Gananoque, to the north to Highway 7, southwest as far as the Picton area. 

With Capital, Liquidity and financial results for the past several decades all in the top tier of their peers, Kingston Community has proudly been able to create a niche reflecting a diverse and progressive membership values providing all of the services available at larger banks but with a personal touch and a local community focus. KCCU pays dividends to members based upon the previous year’s profits, but members financial, social health and well-being is reflected in the individual decisions made every transaction. Our policies and procedures developed over the years put the interests of members and their families first and the profitability directed to them as a priority in the way each of the decisions are made that impact their lives. We save members money, we help them through their lives with knowledgeable guidance and best-in-class services.

 In 2024, KCCU’s Board donated $100,000 to Pathways to Education, a program provided by Kingston Community Health Centre, to assist  economically challenged local students with ways to ensure they are able to gain opportunities for access to and completion of higher education. The theory being that when we raise up those who are most in need , we raise our entire community and create greater prosperity for all of us. Raising families out of a cycle of economic limitations creates a more equal society and can help individuals across the generations become more independent over time. Programs like Pathways to Education promote a more egalitarian economy with less dependence on assistance and more ability for families to help themselves as the benefits of higher education accrue to health, community , volunteerism, cross-generational kindness and good citizenship. This is but one example of many of KCCU Board, staff and members making a positive impact in our community through donations, volunteerism and policies to ensure inclusivity and widespread community benefit that reflect our core beliefs.

KCCU’s donations reflect the membership and their empathy and concern for community, the environment, empathy, respect, self-help and a string belief in our core philosophy of “people helping people”. When KCCU members endured the pandemic, strikes, or personal hardships KCCU could be counted on through tough times with service flexibility, no contact options, mortgage payment deferrals, and emergency loans. Members of credit unions have generally been regarded as progressive individuals who want the best possible service for all of their financial and banking needs and believe strongly that they can feel good about their finances in a like-minded organizations.

Kingston Community Credit Union understands Ethics and Financial Strength, community involvement, climate action and the need to provide members with the best in class pricing, new services like access to wealth products and mobile banking applications, and a strong future with technology with services they have come to expect along with the strongest in personal service and member advocacy.

Strength and Stability

Ten thousand members can’t be wrong! Starting back in 1957 with volunteers as a small closed bond credit union, KCCU now has over $275 Million in assets under administration employing over 40 people from our community. KCCU has met and exceeded all of its regulatory requirements for capital adequacy, interest risk management, liquidity, governance, and social responsibility. It has a market capitalization of over $18.8 Million controlled solely by its members in excess of its peers. It is regarded as one of the leading credit unions in the province and across the country.

A Different Approach – Financial Co-operatives

Kingston Community Credit Union (KCCU) is a democratic financial co-operative. Like most co-operatives, The Board of Directors is elected from the membership and has a say in the direction of the credit union. Members may attend the Annual Meeting each year to participate and vote on dividends, by-laws, directors and to get informed about the credit union’s activities over the past year. KCCU offers a complete line of financial products and services to help you meet your financial goals. Join KCCU today and start enjoying the benefits of your membership! Once you join Kingston Community Credit Union, you can belong for life. All members are welcome to continue using all of our services even if they move, change jobs, or retire.

Be Part of the Co-operative Movement

Belonging to Kingston Community Credit Union, a financial co-operative means that you will be part of the growing co-operative movement. Co-operatives are based upon the idea of maximizing benefit, rather than profit. Banks generate money (profit) for investors who purchase bank stock. Credit Union members have an institution that works to maximize the things they value in their lives and in their community. Credit unions maximize benefits according to co-operative principles and their mission statement. The assumption is that there is strength in mutual self-help and that the co-operative has a collective responsibility for the well being of its members. In addition, individual co-operatives strive to create a united co-operative movement, by working with other co-operatives, to improve the collective well being. A great place to bank for all the stages of our lives and the lives of the people we care about – our families and friends.

Be part of a Caring Community

Kingston Community Credit Union has made a long-term corporate commitment to charitable giving of a minimum of 5% of our pre-tax annual income. KCCU’s average donations in cash and in-kind over the past ten years was in excess of 10% of its income! KCCU has won numerous prestigious awards displayed in our 795 Gardiners Road office for such ideals as Promoting Youth Involvement and Outstanding Corporate Charitable Giving in addition to numerous awards for Co-operation, Social Responsibility, Marketing, Youth Innovation, Mentorship, Social Responsibility and dedicated service to the credit union system. KCCU is fortunate to have such committed and caring individuals on staff, on the Board and in senior management who ensure social justice issues are at the forefront of our corporate philosophy and behaviour. These beliefs strengthen the credit union system as a whole and help to define KCCU and its role in our community.

A third party is an individual or entity, other than the account holder or those authorized to give instructions about the account, who directs what happens with the account. For example, if an account were opened in one individual’s name for deposits that are directed by someone else, the other person or entity would be a third party.

  • A secondary piece of identification from the primary list above
  • Canadian Birth Certificate
  • Credit Card bearing the name and signature of the individual which has issued by a well-known and reputable Canadian financial institution
  • A CNIB (Canadian Institute for the Blind) client card bearing the individual’s photo and signature
  • Provincial Outdoors Card
  • Canadian University or College Student Card with photo (for student identification only)
  • An employee identification card (with photo) issued by an employer that is well known in the community (i.e. KGH, DND, Queens University, Corrections Canada, etc.)
  • Foreign passport
  • Canadian Passport
  • Permanent resident card
  • Citizenship card (issued prior to 2012)
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status issued by the Government of Canada
  • Driver’s licenses issued by province or territory
  • The DND (Department of National Defense) 404 driver’s license
  • Nexus Card issued by Canada Border Services Agency
  • Provincial Service Cards
  • Provincial or territorial identity cards (i.e. Ontario Photo Identification Card)
  • Foreign Passport (only if it is equivalent to a Canadian issued photo identification document)