EcoSmart Vehicle Loans

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reduce your fuel costs with an Eco-Smart Vehicle Loan.

The more fuel your vehicle burns, the more greenhouse gases it produces, mostly in the form of carbon dioxide, or CO2. For every litre of gasoline your vehicle uses, it generates about 2.3 kilograms of CO2. Although not directly harmful to our health, CO2 emissions contribute to climate change.  Make an environmentally conscious choice in favour of clean air!

In addition to doing your part to help the environment, and eco-smart vehicle will also help your pocketbook.  According to, driving an electric vehicle can save you between $1,500 to $2,000 per year on fuel and maintenance and reduce your vehicle’s emissions by as much as 90%. 

You may also make the choice to purchase an electric bike or scooter or even a conventional bicycle to help reduce energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.  Our Best Rate EcoSmart Vehicle loans are extended to those purchases as well. 

Please refer to our current rates page for financing rates or call your local branch and speak with one of our lenders. We're happy to help you and the environment and we'll reward you with a great rate!

Note: New model year means current year or future year. Maximum amortizations on electric bicycles or scooters or peddle bicycles is 3 years. All credit must be approved.

KCCU will support your EcoSmart Vehicle Loan with:

  • Best Rate Financing 
  • Options for faster repayment or lower monthly payments (amortizations of some loans up to 10 years or 120 months)
  • Affordable and flexible payments geared to your budget (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly)
  • Easy repayment (no maximum and no penalties for early repayment)
  • Protection with optional life, disability, and critical illness insurance


Resources and information about choosing an electric vehicle:

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Information on the City of Kingston’s Climate Action Plan:  Climate Change & Energy - City of Kingston

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