Meet the Board

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Kingston Community Credit Union consists of seven independent directors who are ultimately responsible for the stewardship of the Credit Union and oversight of its risks and financial performance.


As of March 8, 2017, the directors of KCCU are:


Robert Trentadue, Board Chair

Director since: 1983

Director term: 2017 - 2020




Bob has extensive experience with credit unions starting in the early eighties with the Teamsters Credit Union, Hotel Dieu Credit Union and KCCU where he has been Chair many terms and has helped guide KCCU’s direction through many legislative changes and many economic challenges to our current position of financial strength.

Bob has been a credit union member for over 45 years. Winner of the prestigious Gary Gillam Award for Social Responsibility in 2010, Bob is a person who believes strongly in social justice and helping the community. In 2012 he received a Director’s long service award from the Director’s Forum.

Bob has been instrumental in many significant community initiatives and donations as well as sitting as Chair of Town Homes Kingston (Kingston Non-Profit Housing) and a member of their Board for 15 years. He donates his time to other causes such as youth sports for over 20 years. He understands the needs of the Credit Union members. He always considers the impact of changes in the direction of KCCU on members and serves with member indivdual and collective benefit at the forefront of his actions. Bob works for Purolator, a subsidiary of Canada Post.

Bob is also actively involved in the Eastern Ontario Credit Union Alliance and the Association of small credit unions. Norm has been recognized by the Credit Union Director’s Association as having achieved all required courses and has attended the most recent Central 1 Director’s Forum and Annual General Meeting

In addition to his community service work and awards, Bob was recognized by KCCU and the Credit Union Director’s Organization (CUDO) for over thirty years of service to the credit union system and KCCU.



  • Audit Committee, Vice-Chair
  • Nominating Committee, Member
  • Past Executive Search Committee, Member


 Norman Meyers, Board Vice Chair

 Director since: 1988

 Director term: 2015 - 2018




Norman has extensive experience at the senior management level within the healthcare industry in Canada, including serving in executive positions with Kingston General Hospital in human resources and data management for 35 years. Norman has served on the Board of KCCU and has presided as Board Chair for several terms, guiding the Credit Union through many critical phases in its growth and development. He also serves as Chair of the Audit Committee.

Norman sees his role as that of a member who wants KCCU to best reflect its core principles and the community values that define KCCU: progressive, inclusive and transparent as well as financially strong and responsive to member needs. He also sees KCCU as needing to be well able to adapt to the changing legislative landscape. Norman is retired and devotes his many years of experience to KCCU as well as serving on the board of Kingston Community Health Centre where he advocates for increased community access to health care services vital to social and economic development.

Norman lives north of Kingston and also represents the members in outlying areas with a hands-on approach and a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities of all members in the greater Kingston area. Under his watchful eye, KCCU has prospered and has sound financial and social fundamentals which have contributed to the long term success and prosperity of all members.

Norman is also actively involved in the Eastern Ontario Credit Union Alliance and the Association of small credit unions. Norman has been recognized by the Credit Union Director’s Association as having achieved all required courses and has attended the most recent Central 1 Director’s Forum and Annual General Meeting.


  • Audit Committee, Chair
  • Nominating Committee, Member
  • Past Executive Search Committee, Member


Lisa DiRocco, Secretary

Director since: 2010

Director term: 2016 - 2019





Lisa now enters her second term with the Board with a strong background in personal service excellence and a strong belief in the co-operative system. She views her responsibilities as representing the benefit of the credit union members, staff and the community. Based in the Kingston area, Lisa has has longstanding involvement with KCCU both as a member and as someone who has done business with KCCU in her capacity as a senior Sales Associate with one of Canada’s oldest and most highly regarded retailers.

She is no stranger to corporate change and what it takes to adapt and prosper. Her store has always been among the best performers in the country, due in no small part to her enthusiasm, positive nature and co-operative and collaborative approach to business.

Lisa has a willingness to embrace new ideas and ways of doing things. She brings all of those attributes with her to every Board meeting, contributing and learning how she can best protect the interest of members while paying attention to the impact of the financial changes that occur in the course of the business at KCCU.

Throughout her business career, Lisa has steadfastly demonstrated loyalty, excellence and commitment. She is a team player and strong contributor at every Board and Audit Committee Meeting. Lisa strongly believes in ongoing education and keeping abreast of economic and social trends that affect members of the credit union and the community. She has been recognized by the Credit Union Director’s Association as having achieved all required courses.


  • Audit Committee, Member
  • Nominating Committee, Chair



Joyce Phillip

Director since: 1995

Director term: 2015 - 2018




Joyce has 30 years of experience in the faculty of education at Queen’s University. At Queen’s she discovered how arbitration, parity, high standards and excellence are achieved. Joyce is a strong advocate of collaborative thinking. She is a good listener and concerned with issues that affect our community and the credit union and co-operative system.

Joyce brings a wealth of experience to the table and has been on the Board while guiding the Credit Union through many years of growth and economic challenges. Joyce stays well informed with economic, banking and social issues and trends. She understands her role as a director as one of oversight. She is always concerned about the impact on members and is an ardent supporter of all areas which can positively affect members, staff and the community. Joyce recognizes that sound management, strong accountability and good financial performance are critical elements to the success of KCCU and necessary for it to deliver on its mission statement and operating objectives.

Joyce has been recognized by the Credit Union Director’s Association as having achieved all required courses and has attended the most recent Central 1 Director’s Forum. She was a member of the Afro-Caribe association promoting education in Kingston as well as to ensure equal opportunity. She has spent time raising money for charitable causes and cares deeply about issues affecting the community.

Joyce has now been serving on the Board of Directors for twenty years. Her educational background adds considerable depth to her role as a director helping to guide KCCU through the various cycles of the economy. She gained practical wisdom having been involved in Credit Union planning through positive and negative economic cycles.


  • Past Corporate Vice –Chair, past Corporate Secretary
  • Past Audit Committee, Member



Paul Lorenz

Director since: 2004

Director term: 2017 - 2020



Paul is a former police officer with the Kingston force. In a senior role, he is the first to compliment staff on a job well done and recognizes and appreciates new initiatives by KCCU’s youth. He is a strong co-operative supporter and believes firmly in a sensible no nonsense approach. He considers very carefully all issues and assesses the short and long term impact of all decisions.

As a member of KCCU for 45 years, Paul is uniquely qualified in his role as a director bringing a long term understanding of the ebbs and flows of the economy and its impact on members. Paul values the history of the credit union and its roots and looks out for members with a considered thoughtfulness and a watchful eye. He sees himself as a person who likes to see things well explained in a straightforward and transparent fashion. As a former law enforcement professional, Paul has a thoughtful demeanour and a keen eye for logic.

Paul is a proponent of sound financial management and how that positively impacts on the long term health of the credit union and its ability to provide members new and old with products they need at prices that make credit union membership the obvious choice.

He is a good listener and is never afraid to ask a question to get to the root of difficult issues and make them clear in terms of short and long term implications. He is always looking for ways to ensure members get the best value from the credit union and that all members get fair consideration for all of their financial needs.

Paul has been recognized by the Credit Union Director’s Association as having achieved all required courses.


  • Past Nominating Committee, Member
  • Past Executive Search Committee, Member



Reta McCormick

Director since: 2009

Director term: 2015 – 2018



Reta is a retired businesswoman who for years was the center of the community hub in Camden East through the Country Store she and her late husband and MP Larry McCormick ran for many years.  She put on many seasonal community events for the whole family. Reta was the person people counted on to bring people together to share events that gave the community an identity. The Country Store was much more than a corner store, it was a central gathering point where young and old met and shared community spirit.

She has long been familiar with business and politics and community involvement. She has been a volunteer with her local church for over 42 years as a person with strong beliefs in doing things which benefit the community. She uses that same approach with all of her duties as a credit union director.

 Reta has been a member of KCCU’s Board of Directors in since 2009. Her contribution is invaluable, her perspective is unique. She brings to KCCU an open, honest and straightforward approach to how she represents the members. Reta brings her keen business sense and passion for social justice to her duties.

She is keenly interested in financial trends and how the credit union uses their resources efficiently to bring products and services to members that will continue to serve older and newer members alike. Under her watchful eye, many key questions and discussions have helped the Board gain a better understanding of some of the pressing issues affecting us collectively and as a credit union in the greater Kingston community.

Reta is a strong believer in ongoing education and she has been recognized by the Credit Union Director’s Association as having achieved all required courses and has attended the most recent Central 1 Director’s Forum.


  • Past Nominating Committee, Member


 Bram Fisher

  Director since: March 7, 2017

  Director term: 2017 - 2019




As a former and current owner of restaurants and music venues in Kingston, Bram is an individual who understands the common sense aspect of business and believes strongly in the cooperative system. A newcomer to KCCU and the Board, Bram was elected for a two year term at the March 7, 2017 meeting (2016 AGM). Bram has a Bachelor of Ed from Queen's University where he currently serves as an exam proctor. He worked at both the Prison for Women and Kingston Literacy. He worked as owner of the Scarecrow Natural Foods Restaurant, wholesale manager of Tara Foods, co-owner of the Mansion Bar/Grill and bookkeeper at the Wolfe Island Grill. He is currently semi-retired and active in the community.