On-line Financial Services

For online service, sign up for MemberDirect®

For a safe and secure online experience, the initial setup must be done at your local branch.

The benefits include:

  • convenient 24-hour access to your accounts
  • send email money transfers
  • set up automatic bill payments and payees
  • transfer between accounts
  • get your balance of account inquiries in real-time
  • Set up and manage online alerts
  • See and print your statements at home
  • See on-line copies of your cheques 
  • Enhanced services like Personal Financial Management (PFM)
  • Access to Qtrade

There’s never been a better time to start KCCU online.

Need Online Technical Support?

If you need any assistance with your online account, please contact our 24-hour Technical Support line at 1-877-801-9516