The Exchange Network

The EXCHANGE® Network

One of the benefits of membership at KCCU is THE EXCHANGE® Network gives you the flexibility you need to access your money when you aren’t close to a KCCU ATM. There is still a way to pay no surcharges and no additional fees that you'd normally pay at other ATMs. With all the same pricing and functionality as credit union ATMs, you can withdraw, deposit and transfer funds at thousands of participating ATMs around the province and across Canada. 

The ATM closest to you is just a click away on THE EXCHANGE® Network 
Good News for Smartphone users! THE EXCHANGE® ATM Locator app is now available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. These apps are FREE! 
Just search for EXCHANGE ATM locator in the list of available apps in the app store or click the following:

Android Market

BlackBerry App World

Apple App Store

iPad ATM Locator App

GPS ATM Locator (for Garmin / TomTom / Other)