What is a Co-operative

Credit Unions are owned by their members. They are financial co-operatives. There are numerous co-operatives across the world and from coast to coast in Canada. They all have certain characteristics in common.

Below are links to some of the primary sources of information on co-operatives in Canada. The Co-operative business model is an alternative to the competitive business model and is based upon mutual benefit and common values.

KCCU adheres to the seven principles and is a member of Central 1 Credit Union.

Co-ops are based on the Seven Co-operative Principles

The Ontario Co-operative Association  (On Co-op) is an excellent resource on co-operatives in Ontario.

The Canadian Co-operative Association is Canada's primary Co-operative organization providing information and support to Canadian Co-ops.

The Co-operative Learning Centre provides excellent information to help you better understand what a co-operative is and how they work.

Canadian Credit Union Association is the federal arm of the credit union system in Canada