Frequently Asked Questions about 2-Step Verification


Q.  Why don’t I need to do this at any of my other financial institutions?

A.  2-Step Verification is an optional security service financial institutions can choose to use/implement. Kingston Community Credit Union has opted to implement this service as an added layer of security for its members.


Q.  Can I choose to skip 2SV when logging in?

A.  Members are able to select the “Not Now” button to defer their enrollment into 2SV for a certain amount of time. However, once the grace period is exceeded, the member will be required to enroll with an email address or cell phone number to receive their verification code and login.


Q.  Will I still use my security questions to verify myself when logging in?

A.  No. After 2SV is implemented, challenge questions and answers will be phased out and will no longer be relevant to members login process. The regular login procedure will be Branch, Member Number, PAC, 2SV Code (If required by system).


Q.  Can I enroll with BOTH my cell phone number AND my email?

A.  No. Unfortunately, the system currently allows for one method of verification code at a time. The system allows the choice of EITHER cell phone number, or email when the user enrolls in 2SV. 


Q.  Can I register more than one cell phone number? More than one email address?

A.  No, not yet. 2SV can only handle one verifiable number.


Q.  Can I opt to have 2SV on ALL my login attempts?

A.  Not yet. Currently the system will determine when the user needs to authenticate themselves further. However, this feature is something we will be looking into for future implementation.


Q.  How many attempts do I get for verifying with my verification code?

A.  You have 3 attempts to input the code correctly from what you receive through text/email.


Q.  What happens if I fail to input my code correctly 3 times?

A.  Please call your local KCCU branch and a member service supervisor will be able to unlock you after verifying your identity over the phone as per our regular telephone banking procedures.


Q.  How long does my verification code last for?

A.  Each code generated remains valid for 10 minutes from the time it is generated. If the member inputs the code after that time has elapsed, they will receive an error message.  


Q.  Help! I have 2SV enabled through text message, but I’ve lost my phone!

A.  Please call (with a different phone) or come into one of our 3 branches where we will identify you as per our regular procedures and then un-enroll your online access.


Q.  I have 2SV enabled through text message, but my phone number has changed. Can I change my 2SV enrolled phone number?

A.  Yes! Please navigate to the “Profile and Preferences” page and click on the “Change 2-Step Verification Information” option.  


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